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Hosuton Workers’ compensation is an insurance program managed by the State of Texas. It provides medical benefits and pay to Houston employees who have a work-related injury or illness. Not all employers provide workers’ compensation insurance — in order for you to get benefits, your employer must have workers’ compensation insurance. There are specific Houston Workers Compensation Resources available.

A work injury can be overwhelming and it’s important to remember that you have supporters in the workplace, including your Workers’ Compensation Designated Department Representative, your Workers’ Compensation Coordinator, your direct supervisor and your co-workers, all of whom value the contribution you make and want to see you back at work. Although the situation may feel out of control, there are many things you can do to ensure that you get back in the driver’s seat as soon as possible. Howdy Workers is committed to helping injury workers.

Houston Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation Offices

Houston Workers Compensation: Resources for Employees

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City of Houston Workers Compensation Resources – Injured Employee Responsibilities
  • Must be available daily to receive phone calls from DDR, Supervisor, Workers Compensation Coordinator or adjuster. And also home visits with 24 hour notice.
  • Notify Supervisor about injury or occupational disease
  • Complete Supervisor Accident Packet
  • If medical treatment is required, it must be with a doctor that accepts Workers’ Compensation
  • Must notify the DDR and/or Supervisor of any changes in work status.
  • Refer to E.O. 133 for complete list of responsibilities.
What Type of Benefits Can You Receive?
  • Medical
  • Salary Continuation (Paid by City of Houston)
  • Workers’ Comp Payment (Paid by City of Houston)
  • Income (Paid by Adjuster / Examiner)
Workmans Comp Medical Treatment

Types of treatment commonly covered under Workers’ Compensation

  • Office Visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Diagnostics(i.e.XRays,MRIs)
  • Therapy(Physical,Occupational)
  • SurgeryPainManagement

These may require PreAuthorization

Select a Treating Doctor. It’s Your Choice!

A Treating Doctor is an individual, group or facility licensed to practice medicine in Texas, accepts workers compensation and is chosen by the recovering employee to direct his medical treatment. An emergency room doctor would not be considered your first choice of treating doctor. A doctor recommended by your employer is also not considered your first choice of treating doctor.

Amount of Workers Comp Payment
  • Workers’ Comp Payments are based upon your wages earned over the 14 complete weeks before your work – related injury or illness occurred.
  • Workers’ Comp Payments are equal to 70 % of the difference between your average weekly wage (includes overtime) and the wages you are able to earn after your work – related injury. The amount of Workers’ Comp Payments is subject to maximum and minimum benefit amounts.
Salary Continuation
  • You may be paid Salary Continuation, up to 52 weeks for classified employees, if your work – related injury or illness causes you to lose all or some of your City paid wages. This can be extended in increments of 90 days, for up to an additional 52 weeks, and is offset by the amount of Workers’ Comp Payments.
  • Salary Continuation continues as long as you are receiving Workers’ Comp Payments or you exhaust your maximum Salary Continuation allowed, whichever comes first.
  • After exhausting Salary Continuation, the City will automatically use your accrued time ; however, you have the right to Opt Out of the automatic usage of your time. 
Amount of Salary Continuation
  • Classified Employees may receive up to 100 % of their Salary Continuation AWW, this includes base salary, longevity, other permanent pay and Workers’ Comp Payments.
Maximum Medical Improvement

The earliest date after which, based  on reasonable medical probability,

  • further medical recovery or
  • lasting improvement to an injury can no longer be anticipated ; or
  • the expiration of 104 weeks from the date on which income benefits begin to accrue.


Impairment Rating and Impairment Income Benefits

Impairment Rating: The percentage of permanent physical damage to your body that resulted from a work – related injury or illness.

Impairment Income Benefits: A form of payment the Adjuster pays an injured employee who reaches MMI with an impairment rating.

State of Texas Workmans Comp Resources

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program managed by the State of Texas. It provides pay and medical benefits to employees who have a work-related injury or illness. Not all Texas employers provide workers’ compensation insurance, but most do. Your employer must have workers’ compensation insurance for you to get benefits. Helping workers hurt on the job is what Howdy Workers does.

We Help Injured Texas Workers

Get the help you need after a work injury. Navigating the Texas workers’ compensation bureaucracy can feel overwhelming especially when you are in pain, missing work and not getting paid. We at Howdy Workers offer a free case evaluation and will walk you through the process of finding a medical practice, law firm and pharmacy who specialize in serving workers’ compensation clients. Get started today!