Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

History of Workers Compensation in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Workmen’s Compensation Act was enacted in 1915, specifying compensation for employees who are injured as a result of employment without regard to fault. The Department of Labor & Industry of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania oversees compliance with the act and defines the benefits available to Pennsylvania workers such as lost wages and medical expenses, the procedures for obtaining them, and what benefits are available under which circumstances.

What is Pennsylvana Workers’ Compensation?

If you sustain a job injury or a work-related illness, the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides for your medical expenses and wage-loss compensation benefits until you’re able to go back to work. Additionally, death benefits for work-related deaths are paid to your dependent survivors.

Private insurance companies and third-party administrators pay the injured worker’s benefits. Employers must provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all of their employees, including seasonal and part-time workers. Almost all Pennsylvania workers are covered by the Act whether the employee works for a nonprofit corporation, unincorporated business or employers with only one employee.

Some employees are covered by other compensation laws, including: federal civilian employees, railroad workers, longshoremen, shipyard and harbor workers. Others who may not be covered include volunteer workers, agricultural laborers, casual employees, domestics and employees who have been granted a personal religious exemption from the Act. Certain types of executive officers of corporations may elect exemption from the Act. A worker should seek further information if there is any doubt as to coverage.

If you learn that your employer does not have insurance or is not self-insured for workers’ compensation, you may be eligible for benefits from the Uninsured Employer Guaranty Fund. For details, call 800-482-2383.

Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania provides coverage to help injured workers get the treatment they need and return to work. For those injured on the job, life is suddenly filled with uncertainty and hardship. Pain and a disabling injury are usually accompanied by the loss of wages. Medical and household bills begin to pile up, and there is no way to meet expenses. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act guarantees workers’ compensation benefits to injured workers that make a workers’ compensation claim, however, insurance companies often dispute or deny claims, making a difficult situation even worse. Being injured while working is a stressful and overwhelming experience, especially when a household’s income will suffer as a result. Howdy Workers can help you navigate the process of finding an attorney, medical provider and pharmacy who specialize in workers compensation.

In most cases you only have 120 days to file a workers’ compensation claim. After notifying your employer of your injured and getting medical treatment, you should contact us. We are committed to helping injured workers connect with Pennsylvania workers comp specialists who understand what you may be eligible to receive, such as compensation to pay household bills and cover medical expenses, in order to help put your life back together again.

Workers compesantion benefits are designed to cover your lost wages and medical bills:

Lost Wages

You may be eligible to be compensated for lost wages, both current and anticipated, whether it’s due to having to go to doctor’s appointments or you were injured so severely that you can no longer work.

Medical Expenses

Work injuries can require outpatient treatment, tests, physical therapy, surgery, hospital stays, chiropractic treatment and other care. You may be eligible for to have all of your medical expenses covered including pharmacy bills.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Resources

Workers’ compensation is a program overseen by the Department of Labor and Industry of the COmmonwelath of Pennsylvania. It provides lost wages and medical benefits to employees who have a work-related injury or illness. 

We Help Injured Pennsylvania Workers

Get the help you need after a work injury. Navigating the PA workers’ compensation bureaucracy can feel overwhelming especially when you are in pain, missing work and not getting paid. We at Howdy Workers offer a free case evaluation and will walk you through the process of finding a medical practice, law firm and pharmacy who specialize in serving workers’ compensation clients. Get started today!