Texas Workers Compensation Offices

Welcome to your source for all things related to Texas Workers Compensation. The following page provides a local list of cities with Workers Compensation offices in the State of Texas. These offices are resources that can advise you with any questions or issues you might have relating to your Workers Compensation benefits or how to apply for work comp benefits. Simply pick a city below to find an office location, hours of operation, driving directions, and contact information to learn more information. The main workers compensation texas phone number for injury workers is 800-252-7031, option 1.

State Resources

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program managed by the State of Texas. It provides pay and medical benefits to employees who have a work-related injury or illness. Not all Texas employers provide workers’ compensation insurance, but most do. Your employer must have workers’ compensation insurance for you to get benefits.

Texas Work Injury Resources

You expect to do your job in a safe and accident-free environment. Sometimes workplace accidents happen in Texas, including falls from scaffolding, trench collapses, machinery failures and other serious incidents. Workers’ compensation pays for medical care and some lost wages for employees who have work-related injuries or illnesses and an injured worker can choose their own work comp doctor for treatment. Work injury lawyers can help employees get the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. If you’re injured on the job, you must first report your injury to your employer and file a claim with the Texas Division of Workers Compensation. Howdy Workers helps injured workers navigate the Texas workman’s comp process of finding a medical practice, law firm and pharmacy who specialize in serving workers’ compensation clients.

We Help Injured Texas Workers

Get the help you need after a work injury. Navigating the Texas workers’ compensation bureaucracy can feel overwhelming especially when you are in pain, missing work and not getting paid. We at Howdy Workers offer a free case evaluation and will walk you through the process of finding a medical practice, law firm and pharmacy who specialize in serving workers’ compensation clients. Get started today!

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